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About us

Ms Mistry’s Indian Tapas Lounge is in the heart of Sheffield serving traditional Indian home favourites. Ms Mistry offers a selection of homemade tapas-style dishes that are wholesome and nutritious prepared from locally sourced ingredients to suit dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and halal.

 The team have lived in England for over 60 years; originally from India-Gujarat, they have travelled and lived in many places from India to Africa – Nairobi in Kenya, to England in Salford and South Yorkshire. The surname Mistry is Portuguese. All areas have contributed to their carefully curated dishes that have been passed through the generations, taught by memory and made with respect for the culture at the forefront of everything.

There is music, food, and drinks for you to enjoy. Come with your family, friends and acquaintances to join Ms Mistry and the family for a night out. Whether you choose to come in for a drink or two and a couple of tapas or a full dinner with drinks, Ms Mistry’s Indian Tapas Lounge is the place to be to relax, enjoy and taste the slogan, ‘like a party in your mouth

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Our History

Dedicated to the late Mr Harshad Kumar (1954- 2021) – A freedom fighter in a town where he was a minority. He made such a huge impact in communities by bringing everyone together through organising events that promoted inclusion, equality and diversity for all. He won the National Magistracy Awards for Social Justice and Inclusion in 2021. He was known for loving parties and enjoying life!

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Our Mission

To keep Harshad’s legacy alive by creating a safe and inclusive space, full of love, great music and the most delicious Indian flavours served in a tapas-style for sharing.

Ms Mistry’s lounge is the perfect place to sample a range of regular favourites, whether you are dining in or not. The team’s cultural diversity and influence are represented in their passion for music and generational recipes; for the first time in Sheffield, these have been combined to deliver the most unique dining experience, hosted by the best local DJs.

During your time with us, our highly-trained staff will serve you with the utmost care, respect and attention.

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